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Research and Development

Innovision in Research and Development

Working towards a better tomorrow, means finding innovative solutions today. SEVES aims to move progress forward through the development of more effective products and more efficient production systems.

At SEVES ‘research’ signifies improving product function and enriching its potential, breaking long standing production traditions and limits to create new innovations, and contributing to the growth and development of our community.

Our researchers are dedicated to developing new ideas that respond to the growing needs of clients, consumers, industry professionals, and in the end, people

Research and development plays a central role in all facets of our business, and each of SEVES's product divisions has its own department equipped with integrated testing facilities and research experts dedicated to developing innovative products that effectively respond to the future needs of the community.

In fact, thanks to significant investments in the Power Insulators division, SEVES owns one of the most advanced high voltage laboratories worldwide, with accreditation recognized by more than 70 organizations in over 50 countries around the world.

The cutting edge research center houses the latest technology and equipment to effectively develop innovative new technologies and to monitor product performance and lifespan through simulated environmental chambers, aging and endurance tests, and high-voltage testing.

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