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Innovision in Quality

For SEVES, quality is not just a distinction, but an obligation. Our products are used throughout the world in power transmission and architectural structures, and as a result, we perceive our commitment to quality as a commitment to you.

SEVES has developed its own rigorous quality standards, even more demanding and restrictive than industry norms, to guarantee reliable products and secure work environments.


All production facilities fulfill ISO 9001 quality standards and are subject to continuous innovation and control system checks; while employees are motivated to maintain an efficient production system and play an active role in quality control.

The Administration also plays a constant role in the maintenance, development and control of quality standards by:

  • Ensuring continuous and constant attention in every aspect of business.
  • Providing Quality Personnel Management.
  • Defining objectives and indications for all business functions.
  • Verifying efficiency through internal audits and periodic reviews.
As a growing global presence, SEVES has had to adapt its production cycle to meet the specific guidelines in each of the 100 countries that host its manufacturing facilities. This guarantees that each product, from Brazil to China, is produced in accordance with universal quality standards.

Today, SEVES continues to reach higher quality standards, to improve the performance capabilities of its products, and as always, ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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