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02/08/2010 - New Q30 Diamante glass block used in IULM University Horizontal Tower Project

Result of a sensual dialogue between the designers and the material, Q30 Diamante has been sought out by 5+1AA as a new possibility to be able to organise variations on the themes that often return in their projects, above all the interaction with natural light and night-time metamorphosis, the interior-exterior relationship and the search for Beauty as dialogue and astonishment.
In the project for the enlargement of the IULM, approx. 17500 Q30 Diamante blocks have been used around all the university's distribution routes and in the 11-storey tower that will house the digital library. The decision to use glass blocks is associated with the need to work with both total transparency and the weight of the existing volumes and their capacity to create shadows and reverberations.
In the Horizontal Tower project, the building that will house the management of Sviluppo Sistema Fiera a Milano, approx. 1700 glass blocks have been used for the north-west closing wall of the double height volume of the meeting room, located in the intermediate terrace between the 5th and 6th floors.

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