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Sediver History

The origins of Sediver date back to 1898. The first glass insulators were manufactured in 1929 by a specially incorporated company, Electro Verre.
In 1947, the application of the thermal toughening process to glass insulators resulted in a product offering exceptional performance, enabling the company to achieve international success.

Automated production lines were introduced ten years later, in 1957. This was followed in 1959 by the merger of Electro Verre and Charbonneux, which led to the creation of Sediver.
Having established itself in the French insulator market, the 1960s saw the company embark on its first international joint ventures.

New products were launched during the 1970s, including a full range of composite insulators. Its Brazilian subsidiary, Electrovidro, was set up during this period.

The establishment of two joint ventures in China took place in 1993: Sediver Zigong, specialising in the assembly of glass insulators, and the Safam Zigong foundry.

Key Dates:

1898 Set up of the first Sediver glass plant, in St Yorre, France
1930 Production of the first glass insulator for medium voltage
1947 Development of toughening process
1957 Main European utilities start to switch from porcelain to toughened glass insulators on their Transmission Lines
1965 First delivery of insulatos for HVDC Transmission Lines
1967 Initial Research & Development on composite insulators
1968 Beginning of toughened glass station post for substation application
1974 First supply of 735 kV composite insulators to HQ Canada
1977 Set up of Sediver glass plant in Brazil
1981 Sediver starts mass production of composite insulators in USA, France and Brazil
1985 Development of High Resistivity glass insulators for extra high voltage DC application
1986 Set up of Nusco glass insulators plant in Italy (Dielve)
1987 Development of zinc oxide composite surge arresters
1994 Set up of a Sediver assembly plant, in Zigong, China
1994 New step in the quality management with the ISO 9001 certification
1998 Celebration of Sediver Centurial at the Eiffel Tower in Paris
2000 Set up of Dielve assembly plant in Tianjin, China
2002 Acquisition of Sediver by Vetroarredo and creation of the Seves group with headquarters in Florence, Italy
2004 Set up of Sediver glass insulators plant in Shanghai, China
2005 Development of high strength glass insulators for the 1000 KV DC & 800 KV DC projects in China
2006 Set up of Sediver composite insulators plant in Tianjing, China
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